Critical Mass Leadership Development (CMLD) Program

After training programme, Select the best three students from each class (VII, VIII, IX & X) as change agents who should be able to train other students. These selected change agents may be undergone the Critical Mass Leadership Development quarterly Programme (CMLDP) for 2 days at mandal/district level. Using “Train the Trainers model and peer group influence converts students as teachers and change agents takes up the responsibility of themselves, schools, their own families, communities, nation, and humanity. This model besides imparting real life skills creates a large pool of global resource cadre for economic development. These change agents after CMLDP will be given summer community development projects to bring back dropouts, girl children and imparting functional literacy for their family members and neighbors, Lead India will be issued Lead India National credits. Students will develop global skills like leadership skills, teamwork, communication skills etc.., to grab global opportunities lead India 2020 is giving a unique ID to each Change agent and tracking beyond schools and hand holding them till they realize their goals or up to 2020.