Hathim Tyabji, NRI, Byte Mobiles Founder-USA

Lead India 2020-Hathim Tyabji, NRI sharing his opinion on Lead India movement
“The revolution that we are talking today is the mass transformation of India youth at physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. Good Governance, Excellent Citizenship and most importantly igniting the hidden potential in all students…
It is truly unique. That has never been a national initiative such as this launching anywhere in the world. Truly it is a rare opportunity to participate”

-Dr Richards, COO, Shantha Biotech

“I’m very happy with the response of our staff to the training programme conducted by the Lead India 2020 Foundation. “Individual’s Development Leads to National Development” is a good concept and each and every one of us should realise this. When you stop dreaming, then you are hampering your growth and when you hamper your growth the development of the nation comes down. I request all of you to internalise these concepts and follow the same in your daily life.”

Padma Bhushan Pullela Gopi Chand

“Lead india is a wonderful visinary project for a nation which has seen erosion of human values and national spirit. This programme intills a feeling of nationalism as well as positive outlook to our youth today

M.Prabhakar Rao -Sr. Director – S & P Capital IQ

Lead India 2020 is a unique personality, health, patriotism, values and leadership development program for high school students…it is 3 full day program involving all students and teachers

Lot of research went into this program and we have seen significant change of attitude in students and teachers after this program. This program mainly gives a message of self-reliance in the minds of the participants and also tells that it is their personal responsibility to work for personal development along with values and patriotism to make India Developed Nation by 2020. We have seen that there is a clear improvement in the attitude of the students and they became more expressive, their communication skills got improved, started talking about their career goals & life’s vision and they became more conscious about their personal growth….and started believing as it is their most important priority

Lead India 2020 training has got some miracle components that are not present in regular academic syllabus…It talks more about life and makes students to go into self-introspection and make them feel confident about themselves and motivates them to become leaders of their own life. Teaching methodology adopted by Lead India 2020 is highly interactive in which they make participants sing songs on dappu music (drums used in folk) with very good message and entire proceedings are live and energetic

Lakshman.SFeed backs from GE team

The feedback session yesterday was a real eye opener and we did see many true and definite change agents

Satish Babu

I would like to thank every one in LI2020 team for successfully organizing & completing the 5 days LI 2020 training program for GE Volunteers Schools. Staff, Children & our Volunteers enjoyed all the session & good take always. The last day was amazing when children started talking in the stage about the learning’s & goal set for them self.  We should make sure we have these sessions covered to other Children in the Schools & execute the tracking / sustenance activity.   Thanks again… Lead India

T. Sugunakar Rao -Advisor–Vijai Electricals

We have a long and happy association with LEAD INDIA 2020 National Youth Movement Foundation, Hyderabad headed by Dr.NB.Sudarshan.

Engineering students today are taught the core subjects but are they educated to be good citizens with human values, to make their contributions to building a good society and a progressive national economy?

LEAD INDIA 2020 National Youth Movement Foundation, Hyderabad under the guidance of Dr.N.B.Sudershan Acharya, eminent educator and trainer has been conducting Leadership Awareness and Development programme for our newly recruited graduate engineers for over five years now. The programme have made significant contribution to developing the intellectual, emotional and above all spiritual quotients of the young engineers, so essential for growing them as good corporate citizens.

We place a record of our deep appreciation of the continuing contribution of LEAD INDIA 2020 Foundation, Hyderabad to our endeavours for realizing Vijai Electricals’ Vision of becoming one of the world’s most admired enterprises in Power sector, staying ahead in technology trends.

Impression of Dr Sri B.Partha Saradhi Reddy, CMD,  Hetero Groups of Companies :

“I’m associated with this foundation for past 25 years and it has a special place in my heart. I was planning this training for all the employees of our organization since last one year. The first training was conducted to the employees of Hetero pharmacy and this is the second one. A human value is different from other training but it is essential for an individual as well as an organization. Human values are hard to understand and even harder to implement but they are essential and we have to practice them . I consider organizational development as my development and together it is contributing to the development of nation. I sincerely thank all the resource persons of the LI2020F, especially, my teacher Sri Acharya and my best friend Arun”.