Session wise activities:

  1. Interpersonal Relationship:
    1. Dividing the participants into teams ( size 6 and conducting roleplays on various themes.
      1. E.g: Lack of coordination within the department and also other departments.
      2. Lack of enthusiasm at work because of no recognition, encouragement.
  • Unable to bear the pressure of workload. Unable to convince the HOD and colleague on sharing the load.
  1. Communication gaps because of emotional imbalance
  1. Stress Management:
    1. Dividing the participants into teams of size 6 each to have a group discussion
      1. Assigning them to list down the problems faced by them individually at work and in personal life.
      2. As a team, a common list has to be prepared including everybody’s problems in that.
  • Now as a team, everybody has to contribute solutions to each and every problem raised by participants.
  1. Later on, when the team name called two members from the team has to come on dias and narrate the solutions to the problems they have listed out.
  2. The trainer has to check with all teams on the solutions obtained with point iv activity from each team.
  1. Social development:
    1. Dividing all into teams to play rocket game
      1. Every member has to prepare a paper rocket, that can fly when thrown.
      2. This task is done between two teams (size 6)
  • In a duration of 90 seconds, each team has to throw rockets on the opposite team, continuously without stopping.
  1. The team that left with no rockets on its side is the winner.
  2. This activity talks about values & ethics.
  3. You are an asset to the nation:
  4. Interviewing each other with questions like

Session wise outcomes:

S.No Session outcomes
1 You are an asset to the nation
2 Individual Goals and Organizational Goals
3 Work-Life Balance
4 Aap Badho Deshko Badhao
5 Interpersonal Relationship
6 21st Century Skills
7 Realizing the Responsibility

Activities for corporate sessions

1. You are an asset to the Nation:

Activity 1: Pairing the participants, providing a common questionnaire that makes them feel like an asset to themselves and others.

2.Individual Goals & Organizational Goals:

Activity 1: Cricket ball transferring from one person to others, without using hands, equipment, mouth or machinery.

3.Work-Life Balance:

Activity 1: Paper rockets throwing on each other by dividing into two teams in 1 minute.  Task is team should not have even a single rocket with it, by end of the time.

4.Aap Badho Deshko Badhao:

Activity 1: Blind Game

Activity: Three members tie the game

5.Interpersonal Relationship:

Activity 1: Placing small piece of chart on back to the collar, in 2 minutes aiming to reach maximum no. of participants as possible.

Activity 2: Roleplay – dividing trainees into no. of groups and assigning a theme for every group.

6.Skills for 21st Century:

Activity 1: Discussing on challenges faced by Teachers/Employee and solutions to it as groups, later on presenting their ideas on dias.

Activity 2: Debating on Teacher/Employee vs education system(Student)/Enterprising system by dividing trainees into two teams.

7.Realizing the Responsibility:

Activity 1: Running race among trainees by tying a balloon with thread to leg and the winner is the one who’s balloon is safe in running.